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Guided Surgery for Dental Implants - Berkeley Innovative Implant Solutions

While dental implants have been a safe, reliable approach for replacing missing teeth since the 1980’s, recent technological advances have improved the accuracy of those procedures, reduced recovery times, and increased overall patient satisfaction. At our Berkeley office, where Dr. Ricky Singh and the rest of our dental team have developed a reputation for blending science and art to give patients their best smile ever, we now offer the next generation of dental technology— computer-guided dental implant surgery.

Computer-Guided Implant Placement—A More Predictable, Less Invasive Approach

At our Berkeley practice, Dr. Singh has made extensive use of computer-guided dental implant surgery to achieve the benefits of tooth replacement through a more predictable and less invasive solution. Our experience is that using this approach results in fully restored dental function with a more natural overall appearance and a faster recovery.

Computer-guided dental implant surgery makes use of proven three-dimensional imaging technology to perform diagnosis and develop a treatment plan in a way not previously possible with two-dimensional images. This surgical process takes its name from the cone-shaped beam that is directed at a detector that rotates around the patient, and which produces an accurate, highly detailed digital visualization of the jaw bone interior, as well as the surrounding tissue and nerves.

The Guided Surgery Process — Start With a 3D Image, End with a Healthy Smile

As part of the initial consultation, Dr. Singh will have three-dimensional images of the patient’s mouth with the cone beam technology taken. From these digital images, a software application creates a surgical template that guides the entire implant placement procedure.

This template, or guide, is designed with a high degree of precision and is integrated with the instruments used to perform the procedure. The end result is a safe, reliable procedure that is completed smoothly, resulting in the most accurate and least invasive implant placement possible.

Of course, the technology is merely a tool and there is no substitute for the judgement and skill of an expert implant dentist such as Dr. Singh. Combining technology and expertise, however, we have seen that the result of the guided surgery process is an increase in overall patient satisfaction and the restoration of a radiant, healthy smile.

Our Berkeley Dental Team—Committed to Delivering the Right Solution for Each Patient

Almost anyone with good general and oral health is a candidate for dental implants. Occasionally, however, we encounter situations where guided implant surgery is not the right option for a specific patient. In those cases, Dr. Singh and the patient will discuss alternatives, with the patient’s well-being always serving as the basis for any recommended path forward.

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