Dental Restorations

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Functional & Cosmetic Dental Restorations in Walnut Creek by Dr. Ricky Singh

At the office of Shadelands Dental Care, Dr. Ricky Singh offers various solutions for patients seeking a restored smile. Whether you need to replace missing teeth or repair the damage left by decay, the health, function, and aesthetics of your smile are never beyond repair. 

Restoration Options

Fillings. Decay can significantly alter the structure of your teeth, leaving gaps that can lead to further infection, discomfort, and even loss of teeth. Fillings offer a solution that provides Dr. Singh a way to save your original tooth without resorting to outright replacement. Our office is mercury-free, providing composite fillings are made to resemble your teeth and not stand out in a negative way, while restoring function. Fillings are considered the most reliable solution for teeth damaged by cavities.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction. While wisdom teeth have been known to erupt without issue, they commonly lead to crowding in the teeth, which can necessitate orthodontic treatment in the future. Having your wisdom teeth extracted before they influence the development of your smile can save you both time and money, while also preventing discomfort.

Root Canal Therapy. When healthy pulp inside your teeth becomes infected, it’s important to have these tissues removed to prevent further infection. The goal of root canals is to save the original tooth.

Implant-Based Restorations

Dental implants replace missing teeth by filling the space previously occupied by the roots. Without replacement, missing teeth can lead to atrophy in the structure and eventually alter the shape of your face. Implants preserve the structure of the jaw bone and provide a foundation for several types of fabricated restorations, whether you need single- unit crowns, three-unit bridges, or complete dentures.

At our dental center in Walnut Creek, we both place and restore implants, giving you several options for permanent teeth replacement, including:

Crowns. Crowns, which we provide in zirconia, serve as functional caps for teeth that have gone through endodontic treatments such as root canal and can support other restorations such as dental bridges. They can also conceal dental implants, but in both cases they are made to resemble natural teeth in both size and appearance.

Dental bridges. Whether a patient is missing one or several teeth, dental bridges are an effective solution for both concealing the gap and preventing the remaining teeth from shifting toward the vacancy. Bridges utilize crowns as anchors, and are usually sealed in place permanently. 

Dentures. While traditional dentures are held in place by a special adhesive, implant- supported dentures, once affixed to your implants, will allow you to chew and speak normally without the embarrassment of sliding associated with their traditional counterparts. Not only that, but implant- supported dentures are built to last, meaning they can last upwards to more than seven years.

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